Growth of American holly at the Lighthouse Center

“Growth of American holly at the Lighthouse Center” with LeeAnn Haaf who is the Wetland Coordinator for the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. In this role, LeeAnn spends much of her time assessing the health of coastal wetlands. Coastal wetlands keep water clean, store nutrients and carbon, provide a home wildlife, as well as dissipate destructive wave action. They are, however, at great risk of loss. Climate change, sea level rise, and human disturbance all contribute to these losses. She conducts research to help us understand the specifics of how these factors mediate tidal marsh loss and—perhaps most importantly—what we might do to reverse or stall losses.

Our projects range from studying the nuances between incremental tidal wetland elevation and rising sea level, to investigating how coastal floods affect low-lying forests, to developing tools to guide practitioners in using quantitative data to approach restoration scientifically. LeeAnn also is a part-time PhD candidate at Drexel University, where she is studying the effects of coastal flooding on low-lying pines and American hollies in the Delaware Estuary and Barnegat Bay.

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We always look forward to the spring so that the place gets cleaned up, water turns on and the students and programs start. Unfortunately, this year everything is different.

Pola Galie, Operations Manager

We are not allowed to host residential or in-person programs indoors. We are even planning on having our annual music concert online in November. (Details will be announced soon.)

Music By the Bay Online Edition

We will also have additional online presentations so please stay tuned for details and we hope you join in.

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